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Arts&Photo Wedding is a wedding photography and video studio based in London and Valencia working both national and international levels. It has more than 20 years of experience in the audiovisual sector.

In its beginnings, the main photographer of Arts&Photo worked in the vanguard of fashion photography in London (where we have a studio) and in the main European Capitals (Paris, Milan, Berlin...), making Editorials for the main fashion magazines (Vogue, Elle...).

Currently Arts & Photo continues publishing for some of the most important magazines. Although now is more focused in Arts & Photo wedding, in order to perform different wedding photography, carefree, natural and with the special touch that years of experience in the fashion sector adds up.

The wedding coverages we make are candid, spontaneous, natural, photo-journalistic, fine-art and documentary; never losing the artistic essence that characterizes Arts & Photo. We assure you a coverage f your day as if we had written with images your love story.

The video also comes up spontaneously. We give to your wedding film a cinematic view, telling the story of the day.

To follow the wedding photography trajectory follow us on and on

To follow the fashion photography trajectory follow us on and on





The engagement shoot is a photo or video shoot prior to the wedding.

This is the perfect time to get acquainted with the photographer. A good way to relax and create complicity. Also to know the tastes and the most natural way to capture the bride and groom in the ' Great Day ' and, most important you will get some great memories of this days in pictures.

In addition they can serve to make the invitations, for a reminder to give to the guests (or a book of signatures where they leave their dedications and best desires), or simply to complete the digital or physical album of your choice.

You can wear whatever you like (two or three looks) maybe some characterization that amuses you or that makes you feel comfortable and identified or just every day dressing. In a family environment or somewhere that has a special meaning for you. For example an urban environment, the beach, the woods, the countryside, the pub where you met, even a city or a foreign place...

You can go with the people you like (family, friends, just the two of you...) or even your pets.

We also serve special requests (underwater photography, prenuptial in a foreign city...) Do not hesitate in ask!



The post-wedding is a photo or video session after the wedding.

It serves to make incredible poses and Fine Art in different spaces dressed as the day of the wedding.

At this moment you will have created an atmosphere of trust between you and the photographer, so the result of the photographs will be impressive.

There is plenty of time and relaxation to make the poses you have always dream of you have always dreamed and in the environment that you like (on the beach, on the lake, or even abroad...). So the day of your wedding we will not have to be worried with the posing.

We can also add external elements tocomplete your most desired snapshot. It can be fun fashion accessories (a leather suck, some converse,...) add family and/or friends, your pets... You can also rent a vehicle that you like, posing with horses...

We can also make your postwedding film.


The great day


The coverage of our photo and video reports include (except only photography or video without preparations):


Your ' Big day ' begins with the preparations and from that moment we will be with you so as not to lose any detail. We will go to your homes and capture the most important moments and details of your preparations. We want to portray how you dress, the last moments with your excited family and friends... Details of every instant to build the prettiest story.

If you want to make a nice report you can invite your friends and family to your homes, drink with a few glasses, makeup with a nice mirror, shave with a barber...

Currently most couples live together before marriage, so they are prepared at home with relatives or rent a hotel room (which is why several hotels have a rental service for boyfriends). We go to both "houses", unless a couple does not want or we have organized a personalized service with other features.



Once ready, the bride and groom are going to take the 'big step'. Before you arrive, we are already in the place of the ceremony to capture the arrival of the bride and groom, the nerves of the groom waiting, the restless friends and family, the children preparing the flowers for later...

In the ceremony we will take pictures and shoot from different perspectives the most important moments of your commitment, your ' Yes I want ', your vows... We will also dedicate ourselves to such important details of the ceremony: floral arrangements, guests, general planes of the place...

In the post-ceremony we will not miss any detail of the congratulations and images of your family and friends, your departure, the emotions that arise at all times...


FINE ART (Posing)

They are the pictures that are made after the ceremony and before the reception, This is the time to look for the most artistic part of the story.

We will go to a special environment that we have planned before and there we will make a Fine Art session from which we will obtain images with a high artistic content.

Many couples prefer to spend that moment with the guests. If this is your case don't worry, these photos can be made in the post-wedding session if you have hired.



Here the celebration goes to another plane. We are Already more relaxed and we begin to enjoy the food, the drink, the music, the atmosphere, the people...

We will be waiting for every detail, every surprise, every speech, every joke, every performance...

Of course we will also shoot the most traditional moments: The entrance, the toast, the cake, the bouquet delivery...



Dancing is the moment of greatest relaxation for all. Everything went well, you are all very happy and the only thing left is to enjoy as much as possible and you fun with your guests.

We will be awaiting every detail: from your ' first dance ', of course; Of the amusing moments, of the emotional hugs, of those spontaneous dances in group, of those funny photos that you ask us to do to you with who has accompanied you in this happy day... Jumps, toast, laughter...


How we work



In this service we take footage from the preparations until just before the reception. We this footage, we edit a video that can be broadcasted just before the dance. This is very touching and funny and your guests will enjoy a lot.

This service is very fun and demanded for its originality, as you can enjoy almost live the preparations, the entrance, the ceremony, the exit, the reactions of the guests, the kisses, the hugs, the emotion... Everything that happened until then.

For this service we have a person who will take care of editing of the video so that during the reception we won't miss any detail. any detail.





We have a state-of-the-art photography and filming drone capable of Rolling in 4k. We also logically have the appropriate permissions to operate the drone in compliance with current regulations.


We have a photocall service. We will make an exclusive design to your liking and we take care of placing it. The photocall will remain for your memory.

The same service You can also hire with dedicated photographer, and also have the same service with photographic copies printed at the time, so that your guests or you take a souvenir at the same time.

We take care that in your Photocall not lack of anything with the props that you like.


Our team has a personalized invitation design service.

The invitations can be made with graphics or a photograph of the couple to give to your guests. A card that will remain for the memory. The envelopes are included and can be closed with stickers, flowers... You can fly your imagination... Don't hesitate to ask for information.


Our Packs



Only ceremony and family photos (photography and video only).


Only Photography: includes all the photography that comes out of the whole day (from preparations to dance an hour and a half), without limit, in digital format duly edited and retouched in high and low resolution. It can be done without preparations.

Only Photography with album: Same as the previous one plus an album Premium range of 50 pages size 30x35 or 35x30 with box.

Only Photography with engagement or post-wedding (with or without album)./p>

Only Photography with engagement and post-wedding (with or without album)./p>

Only Video: Includes a long video documentary, film, Glamour... Or the style you like most, with sound, music and small interviews and speeches from the attendees. It can be done without preparations.

Only Video + short video: Includes the long video plus one short trailer type from 3 to 6 min with music.

Photography + video: All the photography that comes out in digital format and long video. Short video gift.

Photography + video with album: Same as the previous pack plus the previously described album. Short video gift.

Photography + video with engagement or post-wedding (with or without album). Short video gift.

Photography + video with engagement and post-wedding (with or without album). Short video gift.

Same day video edit.

Drone: Drone service

Phocall: Canvas + placement service + atrezzo.

Phocall: Canvas + placement service + atrezzo + dedicated photographer.

Invitation design

For any other personal service please do not hesitate to contact us.


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